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  1. Top 10: Classic

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    Most likely to be mentioned immediately after the sentence “Oh yeah, I’ve been to New Haven.” People will laugh at you if you don’t go to these restaurants at least once before you graduate.

    10. Rudy’s

    71, male and drunk according to their Myspace page — what more could you ask for? Go to partake in the history; to test out your new fake; and to meet more old drunk men, from townies to grad students.

    9. Claire’s Cornercopia

    This vegetarian College and Chapel staple isn’t all soy beans and leafy greens. Their breads and cakes, which must contain vats full of butter and eggs, are the best baked goods in town. (more…)

  2. Top 10: Underrated

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    If they went to high school, they would have been the kids sitting ignored and alone in the cafeteria who actually had awesome secret lives where they were in rock bands and had hot girlfriends. Okay, maybe those kids didn’t exist, but these coffee shops and restaurants do.

    10. Booktrader

    This bookstore-slash-coffee shop is undeniably excellent, though its underrated-ness depends on who you ask.

    For everyone who isn’t an Art major but isn’t embarrassed to look like one, take a few extra steps up Chapel for a literary-themed sandwich and some of that pleasure reading you haven’t had time for since the summer.

    9. The Whole Enchilada

    Now for part one of many upcoming plugs for what’s known as the Arts District, that area of Whitney Avenue and Audobon Street mysteriously devoid of Yalies except the occasional hungry TDer. Next time you’re at Docuprint, make the trip worthwhile: Stop next door at the mysteriously ignored Whole Enchilada for some very tasty, healthy, reasonably priced Mexican food.