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  1. Eli picked to lead National Endowment for the Arts

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    It turns out Harold Hongju Koh won’t be the only Yale affiliate to vie for Senate confirmation this spring.

    Former School of Drama professor Rocco Landesman DRA ’76, a producer who brought hits including “Angels in America” and “The Producers” to Broadway, has been nominated as the next chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, the White House announced today.

    Landesman, 61, taught for four years at the Drama School as an assistant professor after receiving his Ph.D. in dramatic literature and more recently has served as a lecturer in theater management. Click here for more coverage from The New York Times, which first reported Landesman’s selection.

    In 2007, Landesman and Robert Brustein DRA ’51, the former Drama School dean and founder of the Yale Repertory Theatre, hosted a discussion at the Drama School on the state of non-profit theater in the United States, and the National Endowment for the Arts was among the topics the two dicusssed.  The session is available as a podcast on the Yale Web site; click here for part one and here for part two.

    (Photo: BroadwayWorld.com)

  2. 812 texts + 47 men = three hours at the YUAG

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    There are few things as embarrassing as sending a text message and receiving no reply.

    But here’s one: sending a text message to a performance artist whose work is all about sending and receiving text messages — and receiving no reply.

    That’s what happened to me yesterday at the Yale University Art Gallery, where Haley Hogan ’09 had stationed herself in a bathtub and was thumbing away on her BlackBerry from 5 to 8 p.m. Behind Hogan was a screen that scrolled through 812 text messages she received while living in New York City for four months last year. The messages came from 47 different men, and were also printed on fortune cookie-like papers placed in clear plastic spheres that surrounded Hogan in the tub.


  3. Happy Spring Fling Eve!

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    The transformation of Old Campus from grassy quad to rocking concert venue is well underway, as one of the Spring Fling headliners, the indie rock band The Decemberists, will take the stage precisely 24 hours from now.  In terms of weather, tomorrow will be a scorcher: The meteorologists at WTNH say that temperatures could near 90 degrees and set an all-time record.

  4. Welcoming the new Whiffs

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    The Whiffenpoofs, the oldest a capella group, tapped their new class of 14 on Wednesday evening. Here’s the full list of the new members — complete with their colorful, new nicknames.

    Keiji “Pitchpipe” Ishiguri

    Ian “Thomas the Tank En” Janer

    Josh “Don’t Stop Be” Levin

    Evan “Wake Me Up Before You” Gogel

    Justin “King” Quam

    Jeff “Stick in the M” Hudson

    Stephen “Therapy Made Me Nor” Mulligan

    Scott “Thilly and T” Hillier

    Sam “Phallic Sym” Bolen

    Bobby “Baby Got” Fishbeck

    Jerry “Aura” Lieblich

    Sam “Love You Can P” Hafer

    Brendan “Pterodac” Dill

    Mike “Popo” Lavigne