The Whiffenpoofs, the oldest a capella group, tapped their new class of 14 on Wednesday evening. Here’s the full list of the new members — complete with their colorful, new nicknames.

Keiji “Pitchpipe” Ishiguri

Ian “Thomas the Tank En” Janer

Josh “Don’t Stop Be” Levin

Evan “Wake Me Up Before You” Gogel

Justin “King” Quam

Jeff “Stick in the M” Hudson

Stephen “Therapy Made Me Nor” Mulligan

Scott “Thilly and T” Hillier

Sam “Phallic Sym” Bolen

Bobby “Baby Got” Fishbeck

Jerry “Aura” Lieblich

Sam “Love You Can P” Hafer

Brendan “Pterodac” Dill

Mike “Popo” Lavigne