Dark Nights and Men of Steel: The political philosophy of DC Comics

“The Dark Knight,” Christopher Nolan’s 2008 masterpiece, is back on Netflix. By now, the ‘superhero film as x’ (e.g., ‘superhero film as thriller,’ ‘superhero film […]

Yielding to Spring

The snow is melting. Outside, the cold gathers what remains of itself, the last few masses of white steaming on the ground like New Year’s […]

Loving Atlas

It was an intimate, yet impassive kiss — she breathed into my heaving lungs with immoveable majesty, threaded her lifeblood through my throbbing body, pumped […]

On Cooking, Loving and Learning to Live

My new apartment has a small kitchen with a large window. Being in the heart of a mountain town in Montana, one can imagine the […]

LEGOs Versus Nail Salon

If I and a little kid were both equally enthralled by the last LEGO set on the Target shelf, I’d snatch it gleefully. Without batting […]

Reflections on My First Semester at Yale

Author’s note: This piece was written prior to Thanksgiving break 2020. It gets dark early now. At around 4 p.m. the beams of sunlight that […]

The Case for Brighter Winters

It’s about time we bid adieu to the worn out and irrational tradition of changing our clocks twice a year. Instead, we should make daylight […]

Black Friday at the Largest Mall in the USA

I’ve been going to the Mall of America (MOA) ever since my primary school years, and it’s usually the only place my family visits on […]

Back at Home? Watch “Home Town”

After this past week of break, I feel like my brain has put on a snuggie and settled down in front of the television. Just […]

Once More A Whovian

I hate to admit it, but like the people behind so many of the videos I’ve seen fangirling over “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” “Percy Jackson” […]

STRANGERS: Taking It All in Stride with Deja Chappell

As I sat down on Zoom to meet Deja Chappell ’22, the first thing I noticed was the yellow sweater she was wearing. Behind her […]