boygenius is back. Here’s why you should care.

Jan. 18 was a huge day for the subset of Yalies who: a) are platform-Doc Marten wearers b) are people with radio shows and/or c) […]

Home for the Holidays

“I’ll be home for Christmas, You can plan on me…” Carrie Rogers glared at her car radio, where Michael Buble’s crooning voice was emanating from […]

Final Stroke of Fading Jewels

Black photo albums, treasure troves of almost 70 years of my nuclear family’s personal histories, are stacked in a cupboard in my living room. Each […]

Falling in love with Strictly Platonic

Laughter — more than any melody, lyric or conversation — categorizes the rehearsal.  It’s a Saturday afternoon, and Strictly Platonic, one of Yale’s hottest bands […]

How I met the creator of How I Met Your Mother

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ted Evelyn Mosby, or rather Carter Bays (but basically the same thing) ahead of his upcoming visit to campus. […]

The Eyes of the World

In my experience, being a first-generation, low-income student at Yale is a lot like having a target on your back. You go through your everyday […]


Monday morning: chemistry lecture, biology quiz, chemistry lab. Monday evening: lab reports, adaptive quizzes, readings for seminar the next day. Next, next, next, tasks checked […]

Soundtracks Shaping Lives

Mars Adams: The first time I heard “Boys Will Be Bugs”, I was seventeen years old, listening to Spotify on shuffle in the dead of […]

Yanzi: Fighting the Slow Battle of LGBTQ Rights in China

If the pandemic had not limited international travel, Yanzi would have been in the U.S. with his long-term boyfriend, getting married. Instead, leaving his boyfriend […]

From Seven Sister Schools to Sexting: A History of Love, Sex and Dating at Yale

Mildred, Maude and Mabel Were sitting at a table Down at the Taft Hotel   Working on a plan to Catch themselves a man to […]

Poetry in the Dark: The Story of Wazhma Sadat

Blanketed windows. Smuggled books. Huddled with parents and six older siblings around a lamp, listening to Persian poetry. For five-year-old Wazhma Sadat, this was what […]