Blank Space

Sunlight filters through the windows of Hendrie Hall and projects asymmetrical squares onto a white painting on the opposite wall. I can see the moving […]

Phoebe Liu
Inside Out: On finding queerness in quarantine

Sophie Kyle Collins ’23 told me about a poem they wrote in ninth grade. In the piece, the speaker describes having relationships with people of […]

Spring Holidays at Yale: How the Pandemic Changed Community Celebration

As Passover approached in late March, Rabbi Jason Rubenstein, Yale’s Jewish chaplain, recalls thinking about Exodus 12, where the Israelites huddled in their homes in […]

Difficult Conversations: Navigating Politics at Yale and Online

On March 12, Ryan Schiller ’22 woke up from a nap around 11 p.m. to a random ping on his phone from the app, Clubhouse. […]

Envisioning our Post-COVID World: Extracurricular Edition

Six months into my Yale journey, I still do not know where the Asian American Cultural Center is. I hope that this does not disqualify […]

The Work of Grief

When Simone Koch Costa’s grandmother passed away in Brazil from COVID-19 just before the beginning of the second semester, she dealt with the loss mostly […]

Yale is Where the Heart Is: A Look Inside the Lives of Off-off Campus Yalies

When Lindsay Daugherty ’22 wakes up every day, she often doesn’t know where she is. A little disorientation after sleeping is normal, yes — but […]

Love Thy Neighbor: Yalies Keep the Faith in a Pandemic

For Juan de Yepes y Álvarez, the most difficult part was the darkness. Although one day he would be canonized as Saint John of the […]

“I Personally Don’t Feel Safe On Campus”

As a first-year counselor, Grace Kang ’21 lives in Saybrook College with the rest of on-campus and first-year Saybrugians. During Camp Yale, she met with […]

Lily Dorstewitz
The Hidden Charge: Connecticut’s Fight for Free Prison Phone Calls

During Jovaan Lumpkin’s 11 and a half years in prison, his mother never missed the phone bill. Jovaan, a 34-year-old Hartford resident, was incarcerated for […]

“Welcome to a New Haven Urban Oasis!” : The battle over a Fair Haven power plant’s future

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and we’re ankle-deep in litter and dead leaves in the Fair Haven neighborhood of New Haven. A […]