It’s high time to “make it new”

One nippy New York night over break, I ventured across Manhattan to see The Artist, the prohibitive favorite for the Best Picture Oscar, at the […]

The TLC Tip: All your problems are stupid

The TLC Tip runs on alternate Fridays. Send manufactured life dramas and detailed descriptions of your rashes to Pictures are not needed, or wanted. […]

Chopin Channels Hendrix

If you talk often to people enthusiastic about classical music, you’re bound to run into those who will tell you that the Romantic period was […]

Finding Kubrick’s Heir

Acclaimed Hollywood auteur David Fincher’s latest picture, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” is a violently sexual change-of-pace film for the holiday season. After losing […]

The Future

I’m here to talk to you about The Future. Not “the future,” with its promises of six-figure salaries and daunting dinners with in-laws, but The […]

Mussorgsky on my mind

I owe a word of thanks to Nina Wexelblatt — after reading her piece “Fever dreams of indie pop” in the Oct. 7 issue of […]

On "The Graduate," graduation

I first saw “The Graduate” during my freshman year of high school. It instantly became my favorite movie. If you don’t know the plot, it […]

Revisiting our musical past

The world of trendy music operates according to a paradigm eerily similar to Nietzsche’s idea of eternal recurrence. If Nietzsche is right and time is […]