Huck Farvard and Yuck Fale

I still recall the exact outfit I was wearing on Nov. 16, 2023: University Blue Jordan 4s, khaki cargo pants, an Atlanta Braves graphic tee […]

I.N.W. (It’s No Wonder)

I come from a long lineage of displaced people, So, it’s no wonder I feel lost. It’s no wonder that I have found joy in […]

The Meaning of Bad Basketball

Casual basketball players will often try to tell you that pickup games are a metaphor for life. You have to work as a team, everyone […]

The Great Equalizer: Shit

I was sitting on the toilet the other morning, as all good mornings start. I soon reached for my phone and realized in my groggy […]

An Ode to Finals Season

I love finals season.  Don’t get me wrong — I’m stressed and tired. I should be rehearsing a presentation about Universal Childcare, writing a movie […]

Naughty or Nice

The holiday season is upon us. The New Haven tree is lit, and finals loom like the Grinch waiting to steal Christmas. Students trudge through […]

New Haven’s Holiday Glow

Orange is my new favorite color.  Not the neon orange of a giant puffer jacket, definitely not the toxic orange of a bad spray tan, […]

The Pete Davidson Effect

With his gangly arms and dark undereye bags, Pete Davidson looks like he’s spent too much time at computer science office hours. He also bagged […]

An Ode to Lanyards

Someone please tell me. I’m literally begging you. To all those in the class of 2025, I remember our first week on campus quite well. […]

Sex on the WKND: Not your parents’ WKND

Pining after your FroCo? Dying to get on the orgy panlist? Sick of seeing khakis on men? You’re in luck! Welcome to Sex on the […]

To Yingying

Over winter break, I went back home and saw my parents, friends, and more snow. After having dinner at the Mexican place downtown and boba for dessert, my friend Lauren and I decided to wander around. Small flakes began to fall, coating the sidewalks and roads in a thin layer of white. We trudged on through the coldness, snow sticking to our black leather Doc Martens. Neither of us really wanted to go back home. We hadn’t talked in a long time — I had a whole lifetime of things to catch up on.