YLS group releases second climate scorecard, gives 36 of the 100 rated firms ‘F’ score

Law Students for Climate Accountability graded the top 100 law firms in the country and gave 36 of them a failing score in the climate crisis.

Hurricane temporarily shifts some classes online, cancels sessions of others

Flooding and power outages in many Yale buildings forced some professors to move courses online or cancel Thursday class meetings.

Standing water in a basement hallway in Jonathan Edwards.
Yale Black Postdoctoral Association celebrates first anniversary

The three founders of YBPA discussed the importance of the group and laid out its future goals.

Admissions office plans in-person tours starting in October, will continue with virtual outreach

The admissions office plans to host in-person tours starting Oct. 4 for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

University revamps harassment policies, accessibility services

University administrators announce new developments for addressing discrimination, harassment and accessibility.

A photo of the accessibility ramp at the front of the University Theater
Despite widespread flooding and power outages, Yale forges ahead with classes

Two COVID-19 testing sites are closed for the day, and students in some colleges were told to stay in rooms except to get food.

Standing water in the Pauli Murray basement.
Ahead of fundraising campaign, alumni remain incensed over voting change

After the Yale Corporation ended the petition process to join Yale’s governing board, alumni have continued resistance efforts, raising thousands of dollars for their cause.

Yale Schwarzman Center opens its doors

Yale students were introduced to the Schwarzman Center with lunch in Commons on Wednesday and will now be able to experience the center’s many gathering spaces and arts offerings.

Yale dorms, some buildings lose power, flood

Heavy rain brought on by the remnants of Hurricane Ida caused all Yale residential colleges and some other buildings to lose power and some to flood.

Shopping Period 101

Here's the News' guide to shopping period!

Shopping Period WED DATES Sept. 1: Classes Begin; Add/Drop Period Begins Sept. 3: Open enrollment begins for remaining seats in discussion and lab sections Sept. 15: Add/Drop Period Ends; Registration worksheets in YCS close. IMPORTANT INFORMATION Students must enroll in between four and five-and-a-half credits. They may take a minimum of credits or up to six credits but must receive permission from their residential college dean to do so. Failure to enroll in both a course and its corresponding lecture or lab section by Sept. 15 will result in a $20 fine. Students must complete all the work for the classes they are shopping. Oct. 29, 2021, is the last day to withdraw from a fall full-term course without the course appearing on a student’s transcript. Dropping a class incurs a $20 fine. Unlike previous years, early course registration now takes place at the end of the prior semester, though Yalies can still add or drop courses from their schedule for the first two weeks of the term. Students have six opportunities to use the Credit/D/Fail option — two that expire after their first year, and four that can be used at any point. The deadline to convert a course from a letter grade to Credit/D/Fail is Dec. 10, 2021. ADDITIONAL TIPS FOR SHOPPING PERIOD Some students shop lots of classes, and others do not shop at all — there is no right choice for everyone. Apply for classes early, even if you are unsure about your schedule, but avoid taking a spot in a class you do not actually want to take. Sometimes, last-minute schedule fillers will be your favorite classes. Do not get distracted by the allure of shopping classes. Keep up with the work, because it does affect final grades.
In-person classes begin with COVID-19 still looming

As students return to in-person classes for the first time in almost 18 months, University officials are closely watching the Delta variant and how it may affect instruction and other plans.