Presidents of Stony Brook and Morehouse sit on the Yale Corp. Could either be Yale’s next president?

Yale Corporation members Maurie McInnis GRD ’90 GRD ’96 and David Thomas ’78 GRD ’86 currently serve as the presidents of Stony Brook University and Morehouse College, respectively, and will have a voice in who becomes Yale’s next president. McInnis and Thomas’ backgrounds in university leadership could make them possible fits for the job.

Peabody Museum opens after four-year renovation totaling more than $160 million

The renovations to the museum — which opens this morning with free, ticketed admission — focused on increasing learning and exhibition spaces, making the Peabody more accessible to visitors from Yale, New Haven and around the world.

Yale Press director to step down after two decades in role

Yale Press Director John Donatich will retire at the conclusion of the 2024-25 academic year, University President Salovey announced last Friday.

A ‘new type of Russian politician’: Alexey Navalny’s rise from Yale World Fellow to Kremlin watchdog

Navalny, who died at 47 on Friday, lived on Yale’s campus as a world fellow in fall 2010, and used the University’s resources to develop his skills as an activist.

‘Henry’s inner circle’: At Yale, Kissinger sought out a next generation of strategists

Kissinger, who died at 100 on Wednesday, became a regular guest at seminars in the Grand Strategy program in the early 2000s and forged a strong relationship with the University throughout his later years.

Ron DeSantis claims that ‘unadulterated leftism’ marked his time at Yale. But did it?

Several classmates, professors and friends of Ron DeSantis ’01 cast doubt on the Republican presidential candidate and Florida governor’s description of the University’s political climate during his undergraduate years.

Yale alums emerge as popular Republican candidates for 2024 presidential race

Ron DeSantis '01 and Vivek Ramaswamy LAW '13 vie for the Republican nomination in the 2024 presidential election.

FroCos receive full room and board for 2023-24 year

After United FroCos sent its petition to the University, administrators increased compensation for incoming first-year counselors to include the full cost of room and board.

Old Campus as seen through Phelps Gate.
SCOTUS axes affirmative action

Ruling against Harvard and UNC-Chapel Hill in two separate lawsuits, the Court decreed it unconstitutional for any American university to consider applicants’ races in admissions processes.

After pay raise, incoming FroCos continue their push for higher wages

Yale calls its first-year counselor program a “hallmark” of its undergraduate advising system. Under this model, the College hires a select group of seniors to […]

Yale awards 4,193 degrees in 322nd Commencement

Members of the class of 2023 gathered on Old Campus last Monday morning, joined by family, friends and faculty, to celebrate the University’s 322nd Commencement […]