Maude Lechner ’23: A sense of unfinished business

Maude lives in an apartment on 110th Street in Manhattan, near Broadway — the epicenter of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Outside her window, what was once a “terrifically crowded” street has completely emptied out, leaving maybe one person and one car.

Linguistics chair Raffaella Zanuttini: Steering a virtual ship

Like many leaders in the Yale community, Raffaella Zanuttini has been tasked with steering her department toward a virtual finish line and onto the next academic year during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Margaret Rutherfurd: A glance into the epicenter

Margaret Rutherfurd wakes up in her East Harlem apartment at five or six in the morning to sanitize light switches and handles. Immunocompromised and severely asthmatic, exposure to COVID-19 is particularly threatening for Rutherfurd and her daughter, Catherine, a sophomore at Yale College.

Ken Tanaka ’21: A state of flux in Singapore

In between two Zoom calls with the News, Tanaka’s plans for the rest of his semester abroad had completely changed. On Tuesday, he explained his rationale for remaining in Singapore. On Saturday, he possessed a ticket for a flight home this Friday.