Jennifer Sun GRD ’19: Appreciating the flowers

For every mile she runs, Jennifer Sun GRD ’19 snaps a photo of surrounding foliage with a camera lens attached to her phone, a recent purchase borne of her burgeoning photography hobby.

Axel Källenius ’23: In-between time

Axel Källenius ’23 isn’t afraid. At his family’s home in Stockholm, Sweden, Källenius is pondering Proust, disagreeing with Kierkegaard and admiring Nietzsche. He is enjoying the time to reconnect with his family, the living-at-home phase that is no longer a relic of childhood and simply “appreciating things” he hadn’t before.

Francine Caplan: A quieter home

It was Caplan’s love of music that brought her to work at the University for a few years upon her graduation from Ithaca College. Now, it is her inability to play music with her band that constitutes one of the biggest disruptions in her daily life due to COVID-19 quarantine.

Adrienne Sharpe: Finding balance

Adrienne Sharpe, a library service assistant at the Beinecke, no longer spends her days among the fragile tomes. Instead, she works, cooks, dances, reads and meditates at her home in West Haven with her husband, Kurt, and daughter, Evey.

CT state Sen. Alex Kasser: Serving constituents during a pandemic

As most of us stay home and follow the news regarding the latest policies enacted to help battle COVID-19, Connecticut state Sen. Alex Kasser is working to shape those policies for her community from the ground up.

Head of College Tina Lu: The Long Winter

For people like Lu who live within a residential college, the emptiness has been especially noticeable. The dining hall, usually a bustling hub, is dark. The rooms, too, are missing their late-night glow from the occasional studying night owl.

Andre Faria ’21: Empty Elm City streets

Andre Faria’s ’21 apartment building across from Alpha Delta Pizza feels empty now. “A lot of people’s letters are just piling up."

Kahlil Greene ’21: Ending a presidency in quarantine

Yale College Council President Kahlil Greene ’21 is steering the YCC ship from an apartment in Maryland — with the occasional break to watch pandemic-related movies.

Kem Edwards ’49: A nonagenarian looks forward and back

Kem Edwards ’49 is bearing the recent changes to Yale and New Haven gracefully. After all, he has seen Yale through many more.

Katherine Tsai ’05: After Rock Climbing

When Tsai speaks of her life today, there is a sense of a divide: a before and after. BQ and AQ: Before Quarantine and After Quarantine. Or, even more accurately, BR and AR: Before Rock Climbing and After Rock Climbing.

Jessai Flores ’23: At home with a healthcare professional

The eldest of five children, Jessai Flores ’23 is hunkering down in the Dallas suburb of Grand Prairie, Texas, for the quarantine and thinking about his mother, a healthcare professional.