Where have all the athletic fans gone?

The Friday afternoon dining hall pep rally — replete with open microphone, free T-shirts and background music — is a fitting metaphor for a sobering […]

Don’t forget the old Milken

To the Editor: For nearly the last ten years, Michael Milken, who recently spoke at Yale (“Fallen Milken speaks about society, next generation,” 1/24), and […]

Battling mid-week doldrums with TV temptations

Most people complain about Wednesday because it’s the stressful Hump Day, but they usually are quite relaxing for me. Two hours of mind-numbing Dawson’s Creek […]


A column yesterday incorrectly stated that Bloody Mary is buried in the cathedral at Peterborough, England. Mary, Queen of Scots is buried there, not Bloody […]

GESO ignores concerns of many grad students

To the Editor: As a non-member of GASO, I would like to comment on statements made by the Graduate Employees and Students Organization chair J.T. […]

Bush aims to help minorities, if they’ll let him

Throughout the fall campaign, the Democrats paid great lip service to the ideal of inclusion. Al Gore planned to create a big tent under which […]

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Fighting Saddam is killing Iraqi children

Ten years ago this week, Colin Powell, then the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, launched the United States into what is now touted […]

Yale offers more study abroad programs than some realize

To the Editor: The YDN article (“Fewer study abroad at Yale than at other Ivies,” 1/17) may represent itself as an analysis of why fewer […]

Kennedy’s litmus test for TAs an affront to freedom

To the Editor: Imagine a professor sends an e-mail to his graduate students explaining he will not teach his class unless potential TAs sign a […]


CORRECTIONS An article in Tuesday’s paper incorrectly stated that John Lapinski, an assistant professor of political science, led a team that called the 2000 presidential […]

Refocusing the RU-486 debate at Yale

On Monday, the Yale community was shocked or delighted to learn Yale will be offering the morning-after pill RU-486 to students and staff under its […]