To the Editor:

As a non-member of GASO, I would like to comment on statements made by the Graduate Employees and Students Organization chair J.T. Way GRD ’05 in the Yale Daily News (“GASO gives GESO a ribbing,” 01/12). Way claims not to have received a petition asking GESO to reform its recruiting strategies, which was signed by 138 graduate students.

Way states he has heard “rumors of its existence” but has never seen a copy. This petition was presented to those in attendance at GESO’s May 2000 membership meeting by Steven Corcelli GRD ’03. Corcelli read the petition aloud and provided copies of the text to anyone who requested them.

The actual signatures were not given to the leadership of GESO because many students who signed were concerned they would be singled out for further recruiting attempts by GESO. If confirmation of these signatures is required, we would be happy to submit them to a third party for verification.

I find it very ironic the leadership of GESO refuses to recognize this petition, which was presented in person at their own meeting, in light of the fact they often submit petitions to the administration and complain when they are ignored. The decision to present our concerns in the form of a petition was made precisely because this is a form of communication GESO seems to espouse.

The fact the chair of GESO is unfamiliar with something that was presented at a membership meeting only last year serves to illustrate the lack of continuity inherent in this type of organization. Based on GESO’s lack of response to the concerns of 138 graduate students, it seems clear dissenting opinions have no place in their view of graduate student representation.

Rachel Martin GRD ’03

JANUARY 17, 2001