Senior infographic 2021

As I get ready to be thrown out of my Pierson dorm room for the last time by Yale Conferences and Events, I am eminently […]

Annie Lin
Durfee Sweet Shoppe

“Durfee?” I remember asking with great incredulity. I was in the jungle, waist-deep in mud in the wild outdoors of Singapore at the tail end […]

Victoria Lu
The Company of Strangers

This past year, Cross Campus has had the look of an unfurnished apartment. The school grounds were empty and unfamiliar, the grass grew taller; it […]

Changing Habits under COVID

I recently looked in my calendar back to a random day, January 16. A habit I’ve formed throughout the pandemic is obsessively documenting my schedule […]

Time Away

Taking time off felt like dropping myself into limbo. As someone who is, for better or worse, definitively type-A and attaches outsized significance to institutions […]

Dora Guo
When being alone means being just a little less together: a letter to my first Yale friend, now partner

To T__, my day 1 partner in goofery, my best friend and my newfound old love —  The first letter I ever wrote to you […]

Courtesy of Lauren Bond
Alignment chart
A Letter to My First-Year Self

Dear Julia, Welcome to Yale! I know exactly how you’re feeling right now. Will you make friends? Will you do well in your classes? Find […]

Dora Guo
Dora Guo
Morning in Franklin Common Room

I walk across a triangle of dewy grass in my pajamas, laptop in hand and groggy from a short night of sleep. The sun hasn’t […]