Elicker voices hopes for McInnis’ tenure, calls on Yale to increase voluntary contribution

The News spoke with Mayor Justin Elicker about the appointment of Yale’s next president. Here’s what he had to say.

Meet Laura Cahn, concerned mother turned champion of environmental issues

Laura Cahn is the chairwoman of New Haven’s Environmental Advisory Council. She began her environmental work because she wanted to set an example for her daughter.

Are ‘tiny homes’ a long-term solution to homelessness in New Haven?

While activists highlight the benefits of these emergency structures, city officials remain wary of “tiny homes” as a lasting solution.

PROFILE: Connecticut For All fights inequality statewide 

The coalition — composed of almost 70 labor, community and faith organizations — strives for a more economically just Connecticut.

UNH facilities staff win contract after ten hours on strike

University of New Haven facilities workers picketed outside campus on Thursday morning. At 2 p.m., the union reached a new contract with the University, an organizer confirmed to the News.

Ward 1 alder settles in without making waves

In her first 100 days representing the Yale-dominated district, Kiana Flores ’25 has helped with constituents’ projects but has not made policy proposals or spoken out on campus politics.

Alders advance transfer of $5 million to fund police and fire overtime

The Board of Alders Finance Committee approved the transfers from surpluses caused by understaffing, and also reviewed the proposed budget in the meeting.

Former mayoral challenger Liam Brennan contracted by city to reimagine Livable City Initiative

Brennan will begin work as a consultant for LCI in late April, advising the department’s restructuring.

DATA: Who makes more than the mayor?

The News looked at salary data from Mayor Justin Elicker’s proposed budget to identify department headcounts and averages by department.

Former mayor Harp strives for statewide impact with new PAC

The former New Haven mayor spoke to the News about a new PAC she is chairing called Impact CT, which will promote policies helping disadvantaged urban communities in the Connecticut General Assembly. The PAC’s specific policy stances remain unclear.

ANALYSIS: Protest vote sweeps younger neighborhoods, falls flat at Yale

“Uncommitted” received 21 percent of the Democratic presidential primary vote in New Haven, doing especially well in East Rock, in line with trends from past presidential election years, but underperformed prior left-wing campaigns in Yale-heavy Ward 1.