New Haven plans to redevelop State Street

The city has received state funding to narrow the road, creating more space for pedestrians, cyclists and housing.

Alders to vote on “key employee” reclassification, pension-pay bump for certain positions

With almost 20 percent of city jobs vacant currently, alders and city officials are planning to bump pay-pensions to fight the issue.

Who’s running and how to vote in the November elections

The Connecticut governor, as well as state and federal legislators across the country, will be on the ballot.

Here’s what you need to know about the Board of Alders, New Haven’s legislative council

New Haven’s 30 Alders pass its budget, writes its laws, and holds city officials to account.

New Haven pumps $200 million into plans for floods, climate change

A pipe, a wall and a drain. That’s how the city of New Haven plans to fight rising sea levels. “While this might not sound […]

New Haven recognizes tenants’ right to unionize and collectively bargain

Years in the making and championed by activists, Mayor Justin Elicker signed an ordinance that formally recognizes tenants’ right to unionize and organize around grievances on Tuesday.

State leaders tout economic growth, acknowledge more is needed

State government, academic and business leaders celebrate five years of economic growth in CT.

New Haven sees debate over cannabis dispensary zoning

The City of New Haven Adult-Use Cannabis Zoning Ordinance prohibits Cannabis establishments of any kind in all residential zones.

New Haven gets rolling on pedestrian, cycling and transit infrastructure

The citywide active transportation plan, which was approved by the Board of Alders on Tuesday, will support future developments and grant applications.

New Haven to create climate office funded by Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act, recently signed into law by U.S. President Joe Biden, may bring a new climate office, tax credits and rebates to take on climate change.

New Haven candidate triumphs in Democratic primary for state treasurer

August’s statewide Democratic primaries were unusually dominated by candidates from New Haven, with one of them securing the nomination for treasurer.