Jessie Cheung, Senior Photographer

New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker annually receives a $134,013 salary. But he is far from the highest-paid city employee. 

The city employs over 1,400 full-time workers in total — excluding those employed through federal and state grants and the Board of Education employees. In his proposal for the next fiscal year, Elicker proposed adding 31 additional full-time and two part-time positions. The budget has to be first approved by the Board of Alders. 

The News found that the average salary for Elicker’s 31 proposed full-time positions, excluding workers at the Livable Cities Initiative and part-time employees, is $91,802. This compares to next year’s average salary of $80,589 for all full-time workers. 

Out of 31 proposed positions, 21 will make more than the total average salary, including several deputy directors, which increases the average for the group. 

Cost of running the city

If the budget is approved by alders in its current form, the city will employ 1,440 full-time workers across its 30 departments. This number does not include teachers and employees whose salaries will be paid by state and federal grants — like the proposed additional staffers on the Livable City Initiative.

Overall, the city will spend over $116 million on salaries out of $680 million of general funds. 

Over 88 percent of the city employees work in one of the 10 largest departments. The two largest departments — fire and police — employ 805 workers, almost half of the city staff. 

The next three biggest departments are the public works and parks departments, which currently are merged but, under Elicker’s proposed budget, will be split apart, and the public health department. 

Across its departments, the city also employs part-time workers to staff the polling locations on election days, do seasonal work in parks, enter data for various departments and enforce traffic rules. 

In the proposed budget, the city plans to spend another $3,783,782 on salaries for part-time employees. 

City’s highest earners

Next fiscal year, city salaries will range from $46,350 for voter clerks to $178,190 for fire and police chiefs, per Elicker’s budget proposal. 

The mayor proposed adding an additional deputy economic developing administrator, who will earn $136,409, to oversee housing programs. 

The proposed executive director of the parks department, which Elicker proposed to separate from the current parks and public works, will earn $130,000. The deputy policy, management, grants budget director will earn $132,000. 

In total, 36 employees will earn more than Elicker. These mainly include directors of departments.

Three members of the mayor’s office earn more than he earns. Other departments with a high number of high earners include engineering, in which four engineers earn more than the mayor, economic development and corporate counsel. 

Last year, Elicker proposed adding 34 new positions, though the Board of Alders rejected 25. Alders are expected to approve the budget in May and can reject positions or amend salaries. 

The next fiscal year starts on July 1.

Yurii Stasiuk is a Managing Editor of the Yale Daily News. He previously covered City Hall as a beat reporter. Originally from Kalush, Ukraine, he is a sophomore in Jonathan Edwards College majoring in History and Political Science.