Embracing the Complexities: Navigating My Multicultural Heritage

Throughout my life, I have been asked a question countless times, often posed a typical icebreaker when meeting someone new: “What are you?”. From my […]

Homage to the Black Matriarch

Strong in her stance  She mustn’t falter  For there is no room for weakness fight we must  For our rights  For our future   Envious […]

God Died on Chapel Street

When Carolyn Huckabay walks into a room, time packs its bags and walks out. Cracks in walls clobber her with memories from past lives. Overlooked […]

PROFILE: Doreen Abubakar, the neighborhood hero

isionary and community leader Abubakar strives to alleviate the issues and challenges facing New Haven communities

Longing Leading Lady, The Encore

  watch as my skirt drags across this stage,  as I let the notes circle around me when I turn  closer and further  intimate and […]

My Nwanne and the Big Igbo Soup

From the treehouse, I watch the light curve around the lot. Grapefruit litter the yard, egusi bloat against the fence, rays reflect from my sisters’ […]

Havens of freedom: The history of two New Haven churches that were stops on the Underground Railroad

Varick Memorial Church and Dixwell Congregational Church have a rich history as sites that served as safe havens for freedom-seeking enslaved people.

DUNSON: What’s a spissue for?

When I first arrived on campus, I knew nothing about journalism. I had started writing op-eds only a few months prior, and I was generally […]

“We grow community:” How urban agriculture has sprouted in New Haven

Amid the growth of community gardens across the state, urban farmers discussed food apartheid, guerilla gardens and Community Supported Agriculture.

PODCAST | Black Farming: It’s in Our Blood

What does it mean to farm while Black? Alyssa Michel ‘24 discusses urban agriculture with Dishaun Harris, New Haven urban farmer and owner of Root […]

PODCAST | PodIn New Haven: Amplifying Teen Voices

Speaking up is hard, but PodIn makes it easy. Alyssa Michel ‘24 sits down with Janae Branham and Rebekah Moore, two seasoned podcasters paving the […]