PODCAST | Does Representation Matter?

Are you a gatekeeper? Why does representation matter? Alyssa Michel ‘24 sits down with Abiba Biao, Rebekah Moore and Markeshia Ricks in order to understand […]

Black Excellence is everywhere

In each of our busy lives and packed schedules, it is easy to get comfortable in the Yale bubble. We go from class to class, […]

Don’t fit the frame

Is it ever possible to encapsulate the wonders of all that is Black and joyful? I pull out the 6×3 frame and peer through the […]


I look at my reflection in the glass  Thinking “how did life come to this?” When did my reality begin to shift  My childhood deconstructed  […]

A. 8 23

An ode to control and a dropped toothbrush onto to the bathroom floor in the dead of night where you don’t see much and you […]

Hyphenated and Rallying Cry

Hyphenated How to articulate the feeling of love lost, love separated, a love divided by the seas, split over generations, a part of yourself elsewhere, […]

PROFILE: Rebranding higher education: a conversation with Kymberly Pinder

Kymberly Pinder GRD ’95, the first African American woman dean at Yale and the first person of color to head the Yale School of Art, discussed her groundbreaking career, the future of higher education and Black history.

BIAO: Passion

One day, as an icebreaker, my professor passed on a lesson she learned from her undergraduate professor, who asked the class why they wanted to […]

Welcome to the Beauty in Black Resistance special issue!

We are excited to amplify Black voices through profiles, poetry and multimedia.

Sacrifices and Sisterhood

Sacrifices  My mother always wanted a girl, so much so that she bore two boys first, so much so that she nearly died during her […]

“The Wiz” opens at Off-Broadway Theater

The musical centers Black joy and will run from Feb. 23 to Feb. 25 at the Off Broadway Theater.