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We Need Community

I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been very lonely.  The year is 2020. A mysterious new disease is mercilessly stealing the lives of […]

In “Unstuck,” Levine Explains Herself

Olivia Levine walks onstage wielding an orange impaled by a candle. “I hope my parents are always happy and they live forever,” she says. Then […]

The Radical Power of the Gaze: On “Portrait of a Lady on Fire”

Historically, cinema has not been good to gay people. Or women. Or especially not gay women. Few films depict lesbians, and when they do, the […]

Now More Than Ever: On Mary Kathryn Nagle’s “Manahatta”

It’s an omnipresent trope to ascribe activist intent — with varying legitimacy — to theater. In a world wrought with political tumult, this approach is […]