William Edwards
Senate Democrats obstructing justice

An ever-vigilant watchdog to guard against all things lacking sense, I write yet again to remind you of an impending crisis. This time, it is […]

Relevance of labor unions on the decline

Fifty years ago today, President Harry Truman took the unprecedented step of seizing the steel industry in order to avert a nationwide strike by the […]

Andrea Yates and the case against the death penalty

The recent case of Andrea Yates reopened an age-old debate about capital punishment. And in this case, as with all capital cases, it is fitting […]

Current tax rates place excessive burden on rich

American entertainer Will Rogers once commented, “Noah must have taken into the Ark two taxes, one male and one female. And did they multiply bountifully! […]

The great national call to charity

In any busy environment, whether a university, corporation, city or otherwise, the resources of money and especially time can be stretched very thin. Here and […]

Enron bankruptcy a lesson to all investors

There seems to be an endless stream of news flowing from Houston-based Enron, and very little of it is reassuring. In a story that some […]

Bush education bill is right for America

Public schools form the backbone of our society. That’s why the education bill recently signed by President George W. Bush, which does much to raise […]

Resurrecting the glory days of good radio

Those who had lengthy car rides to various destinations during the past week were likely provided with a reminder of one of many blessings for […]

Consumer spending: solution to the economic crisis

Things just might get worse before they get better. The U.S. economy, one quarter of negative growth away from officially being in recession, is plagued […]

Military spending opponents recognize error of their ways

Be careful what you wish for — you just might get it. This adage rings true in all aspects of life, but in some cases […]

Clinton speech understates globalization’s social, economic returns

There may be two sides to every issue, but they seldom enjoy the same merits. This is certainly true in the case of globalization, a […]