William Edwards
Seeing the forest and appreciating America

“Experience,” it has been said, “is a hard teacher. She gives the test first and the lesson afterward.” In the aftermath of the most heinous […]

Daschle blames Bush for downturn

In a summer filled with discussions of missing interns and stem cells, an even more insidious situation was developing that will surely continue to occupy […]

Is the age of bipartisanship, patriotism over?

It might be that a rare breath of fresh air can be taken in Washington, D.C. After lengthy debate, the evenly divided Senate has reached […]

Greenspan’s strategy precipitated downturn

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Unless, perhaps, you are Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. After a half-dozen years of record growth, the U.S. […]

Why we shouldn’t desert the war on drugs

Some problems take a bit more effort to solve than others, but that does not mean they are not worth solving. This is especially the […]

Richie Rich and President Clinton

We want to forget Bill Clinton, really we do. But he simply refuses to go away. In one of his latest returns to public discourse, […]