Tony Hao
Staff Reporter
Tony Hao is a staff writer of the YDN Weekend desk. He is a sophomore in Branford College majoring in English.
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The Tale of Taste of China

This article fell in our laps completely by surprise. The News originally planned a feature article on New Haven’s Chinese restaurants and their experiences during […]

Resilience and Love for Community: Chinese Restaurants in New Haven, A Pandemic Retrospective

When the coronavirus pandemic first struck the United States last spring, Hu Ping, the owner of Taste of China, Chuan Du Hotpot, Steamed Dim Sum […]

Ghosting, Percentiles and Roommate Romance: Revisiting the Yale Marriage Pact

On a clear, chilly New Haven afternoon in October, with fallen leaves gleaming under the golden New England sunlight, Caroline took a walk with Steven […]

Emoji Map

The Emoji Map is a collaboration between WKND and the News’ Data Desk to share Yalies’ stories. Have a story you want to share? Drop […]

Walking in Tokyo Shibuya at Night

One night this semester, taking a break from homework, I opened YouTube and scrolled through my feed. One video with over 3 million views, uploaded […]

City Lights

A late-fall Friday afternoon. Sunlight flows through the balding branches as the sun hides behind the trees. The crunching leaves cover the paved road and […]

GOOD TROUBLE: Cleopatra Mavhunga

Editor’s note: Good Trouble is a biweekly series highlighting Yale student activists and their work fighting for racial justice in their home communities. With the […]

Saving Christina

It all goes back again. In New Haven. Late July. Ninety degrees. Hot and steamy. I’m walking down College Street. On my right is Sterling […]

Exiled in Maine

Saturday in late January, 9 a.m., I’m standing on a freshly cleaned and pebbled ice sheet. Water droplets have been sprinkled across its surface, allowing […]

Quitting My Headphones for an Afternoon

Not even an afternoon. I quit my headphones for a walk, waiting for silence to ensue upon the world without music. But the world was […]