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自己靠自己 (Do It Yourself)

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Left and Right

He walked on the left side of Dwight;  She frequented Chapel but kept to the right.  He had a childish sense of humour; She stood […]

People Only Die of Love in Movies

Breathing a tragically innocent air of hope into a story that fixates on reality, “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg” follows a young woman, Geneviève, and her […]

Anatomy of a Yale Woman™

Yale men are trash. Yale men are trash. Yale men are trash. Yale men are trash, true. But are Yale women really that much different? […]

Musical Chairs

Dating at Yale is like an elaborate game of musical chairs. You have the reliable ones who are taken and the ones who like playing […]

“In The Mood for Love”: Wong Kar-Wai’s Meditation on Time

“That era has passed.” “Nothing that belonged to it exists anymore.” As Su Li-zhen delicately makes her daily trip down the stairs to the wet […]

New Year, New Me

2018 was kind of like freshman 15: You gain some, you want to lose a lot. Some people say that the past year was a […]

The Road to Nowhere

There’s literally only four traffic lights in the whole of the city. Having grown up stuck in traffic and jaywalking across highways, where the sheer […]

Television producer discusses U.S. elections

Alex Wagner, co-host and executive producer of the hit political television series “The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth,” discussed her views on […]

4 Stages of a Breakup, As Told Through Romance Films

There are five stages of grief. But when it comes to breakups, four moods are more than enough. Here are four films for those four […]

Jiyoon Park
Man, I’m out of breath.

When it comes to dramatic romance films, I occasionally can be lactose intolerant. In all honesty, cheese is only good served melted between slices of […]