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The Catz’s Family Dictionary

Sivan (p. noun): /sē/vôn/ 1. What they would call the baby girl. 2. Spring. Origin: Her mother had always thought the name was pretty. She […]

I was here

Way up entryway B of Davenport College, past the lone, gnawed carrot that’s found home under the second-floor radiator, up the narrow staircase where one starts to feel her presence forbidden, through an attic flecked healthily with detritus, its ceiling just short enough to strain a neck, lies a white door marked in thin pencil: “The Place.” From outside, Davenport’s cupola stands clean and decorative, like a groom on a cake. Inside there are three tiers of garbage.


When you came home for the first time like a thing I might keep, my father sweat out the kitchen with a whole ham. I […]