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LEE: Have your say

When I first wrote for the News as a sophomore, I was driven by an acute sense of frustration with the need to advertise personal […]

LEE: A legacy of devotion

Earlier this week, I was informed that my high school had resolved to cancel all advanced Latin courses starting next year. Apart from the grim […]

LEE: Against the aggregate

Although we’ve left the college application season behind us and Ivy Day stands only two weeks away, the war against the Common Application rages on. […]

LEE: The rapper & women

In the wake of the anticlimactic Yale College Council announcement about this year’s Spring Fling acts, extraordinary praise erupted over the decision to invite rapper […]

LEE: Playing it safe

“Can we save hookup culture?” The question landed heavily. Heads turned toward the male student who had voiced it, struck by either its novelty or […]

LEE: Some free advice

Already, the spring semester of my senior year is tinged with the first promises of an impending nostalgia. As we select our courses with the […]

LEE: Choosing Yale, again

Earlier this year, when a scene from Yale’s new promotional video “That’s Why I Toured Yale” was being filmed at my residential college, I received […]

LEE: Abuse in academia

Over this past month, devastating shockwaves have reverberated through the public as, one after another, prominent actors and other notable figures have confirmed accusations of […]

LEE: An unsafe theater

Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of Trump on the stage. And not just the soapbox from which he constantly delivers histrionic performances but also […]

LEE: The inside story

The opinion section of the News frequently comes under fire from those eager to snipe at sources of prejudice and intolerance within the campus community. […]

LEE: A community approach 

Months in advance, the Office of Student Affairs delivered emphatic missives announcing that all student groups must reregister by attending a mandatory Student Organizations Summit. […]