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WRITING IN PLACE: Where We’ve Been Before

I have not been home to Nashville in the spring for many years, not since I left for school three years ago, not since before […]

LOVE UPDATE: Friendship

That 70’s Show. Sex in the City. A Different World. Golden Girls. Friends. Friendship is the stuff of life, what shapes us, what makes us […]


Whether you’ve been broken up with or had to do the deed, it sucks. Breakups mean a whole host of things for different people, the […]

Love Update: Firsts

Firsts. They matter. Whether they are life altering or just another day gone by, something about a first time feels different. This week, Amanda Thomas […]

A Discourse on Fairness

Admissions decisions came out this week. And so begins the national season of reflection: What did I do to get into college? Where did I […]

Love Update: Dating Apps

Congratulations, You’ve Got Mail! Or, more accurately, since it isn’t the 90’s and you aren’t Meg Ryan, “You have a new match!” This week’s topic […]

ELLIOT: On kindness

It was nearing the new year, and I knew I wanted a different kind of resolution this year: one that pointed more towards who I […]

Notes on Roberto Granados (Classical-and-Flamenco-Style)

Many Yalies, when asked about their greatest, most formative experience, will name giving a high school valedictorian graduation speech, achieving a personal record on the […]

The Ultimate Guide to Life

In between Ultimate games, we strolled through the cemetery. We could see it from the intramural fields, so we jaywalked across a busy four-lane avenue, […]

The Signs, They Are a-Changin’

Walk into almost any class at Yale and you will see students filing into lecture halls or around tables, stripping their coats and hats as […]

Are You Seeking Wisdom?

We were preordained to find Wisdom on our fated 1 a.m. stroll back from Bass Library. As the Gothic spires watched us in the darkness, […]