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STERN: To give or not to give

There is war, injustice and hunger out there. And then there’s Yale’s facilities.

STERN: The New Yale Man

The New Yale Man is born choking on a silver spoon in a New York hospital.

STERN: Skin in the game, and eugenics

Either Yale should force all undergraduates to work, or it should force none of them to do so.

STERN: The hypocrisy of amateurism

Let’s take that wool and set it on fire.

STERN: The Emporium DNA Prize

It seems to me that if the prize did not want to give a huge advantage to kids with money, it would not give any weight to the rarity or quality of the books, it would not privilege hardbacks over paperbacks and it would not mandate that collections be extracurricular.

STERN: On gratitude

We should not express “gratitude” to Yale for allowing women through its ivy-covered gates. To discuss coeducation in such a reductive manner is to disregard both the work that went into forcing Yale to admit women and the continuing efforts toward gender equality on this campus.

STERN: Yale’s one percent

I’m calling on President Levin, Vice President Lorimer, Chief Investment Officer David Swensen and others to donate the massive bonuses back to Yale.

STERN: Selling your soul: part II

If you go work on Wall Street, or, for that matter, in management consulting, you are not a progressive.

STERN: Selling your soul: part I

My plea is a predictable one: Don’t go into consulting straight out of college.

STERN: Old colleges, new names

Let’s name the new colleges after more diverse individuals. And let’s rename some of our old colleges after more diverse individuals.

STERN: The politics of profanity

I think that avoiding swear words for the sake of respectability, even in print, even in a newspaper, is ridiculous.