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STERN: Farewell, grade deflation

Especially considering how close Yale came to almost enacting a similar — or even more draconian — grading policy two years ago, we should pay close attention to our neighbors to the south.

STERN: Let’s follow Chicago

Chicago has instituted reforms to help support students. Yale should follow suit.

STERN: Make Yale free

Big news: Yale is extremely well endowed.

STERN: Let them eat humanities

If I were applying to college again, I wouldn’t list history as my prospective major as I did four years ago. I hope this doesn’t sound paranoid, but I think listing that today could actually hurt my application. And that’s a problem.

STERN: Not a liberal bastion

I don’t mean to parody conservative thinkers. I mean to parody the platitudinous whiners on the left and center who seem to think that a center-left coalition at American universities is some sort of problem.

STERN: Drop out of U.S. News

Tomorrow, U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings of the “Best Colleges” in the United States will go live. Cue the annual freak out.

STERN: Divesting our trust

Alexandra Barlowe ’17, the Outreach Coordinator for Fossil Free Yale, had been planning on sleeping in. After all, it was Wednesday, Aug. 27, the first day of classes, and she wasn’t shopping anything until 1:30 p.m. But for some reason she got up early.

STERN: A flawed speech

“But the answer to speech that offends us is, most often, our own speech,” University President Peter Salovey proudly proclaimed in his freshman address on Saturday. Fine — in this column, I will respond to a speech that offended me.

STERN: After Deresiewicz

You can say what you want about Deresiewicz — that he’s vaguely annoying, that he’s a good writer, that his last-name is pretty intimidating — but you have to admit that he knows how to spark a conversation.

STERN: Dear prefrosh

Let’s get something out of the way: Yale is the best school in the world. Absolutely. Bar none.

STERN: Our opportunity

Loud student voices penetrate even the thickest ivy-coated walls. And the YCC could be the embodiment of our sole power — our ability to vocally demand the changes we know to be necessary.