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Study finds children understand game theory

According to a recent co-authored Yale study, children may think just as much about the future as adults do.

FES to fund Peace Corps volunteers

The Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies will offer a new fellowship for returning Peace Corps volunteers that will allow them to continue serving […]

Keeping Museums Young

The greeter directed me up an intimidating marble staircase and I grabbed a pamphlet on the way up: “The Nation’s Greatest Hits: 100 Years of New Haven’s Shubert Theatre.” I hadn’t expected many people to attend, but there were at least 100 signatures before mine on the sign-up sheet.

Julia Henry
Mental health coalition aims to engage students

On Sunday, 14 undergraduates gathered in a classroom on Hillhouse Avenue for the year’s first meeting of the Coalition for Mental Health and Wellbeing. Their task: facilitate communication among different groups on mental health issues at Yale.

Water, Water, Everywhere: Coleridge on Cross Campus

“Water. Gambling. A dove.” Though these were the only four words on The Control Group’s website to introduce their newest show, “Mariners,” they were all I needed to prepare for the performance