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Stein makes bid for president

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein campaigned on Thursday to a crowd of more than 50 Yale and Connecticut community members. The presentation was hosted […]

Police violence documentary screened

A Wednesday viewing of award-winning documentary “Peace Officer” prompted a discussion about police-related violence and the militarization of the police force among members of the Yale and Connecticut community.

First female Ph.D.s memorialized

Something is different about the newest painting hanging in Sterling Memorial Library: The subjects are women. On Tuesday, a portrait of women was placed in the nave for the first time — a historic event witnessed by more than 100 members of the Yale community.

Butler talks philosophy of nonviolence

On Wednesday, before a crowd of hundreds of Yalies and other community members, renowned gender theorist and philosopher Judith Butler GRD ’84 discussed altruism and the role it plays in contemporary politics.

Study finds differences in smokers’ brain connectivity

A recent Yale study has revealed alterations in smokers’ brains that could provide a deeper understanding of the neurochemistry associated with addictive behaviors.

The Inside Scoop

It was 7:45 p.m. on Wednesday night when I left the Stiles dining hall and leisurely made my way to the Crescent Theater for Sister Insider’s debut show. At least, I started out leisurely but soon hurried up when I saw how many people were waiting outside. There had to be at least 150 students flowing out of the hallway, crammed into corners and lined up on the stairs. Fortunately, I’m enough of a non-standup citizen to not feel bad about squeezing in with my friends, who were in the front of the line.

Panelists discuss Zika virus and reproductive rights

On Tuesday, over fifty students and members of the Yale community gathered at the Yale Law School to discuss whether or not governments should exercise control over women’s reproductive rights in context of the Zika virus.

Yalies dance for Arakawa

On Saturday, hundreds of Yale students gathered at the “Schuy is the Limit Dance-a-thon” to dance for a cause.

Black leaders talk sports, art

Students and faculty at the Yale School of Art held a presentation Sunday afternoon called “Game Recognize Game,” which addressed modern civil rights issues in […]

Lecture concludes stereotypes are true

Yale’s Psychology Department hosted a Wednesday lecture that came to a controversial conclusion: Stereotypes are, in fact, accurate.

ISO tackles race on campus

The Yale International Students’ Organization took on recent issues regarding race and discrimination on campus at a Thursday night panel discussion entitled “Race in Global Context.”