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Assault on Morse student prompts security reevaluation

On the Saturday of Halloween weekend, a Yale student was assaulted in Morse College, sparking questions about campus security on the edge of campus.

Genova ’15 stops robbery

Genova woke up at 9 a.m, to discover a man — identified by police as New Haven resident Eleam Djamal — in his apartment with his laptop in hand. After being confronted by Genova, the intruder put down the laptop and proceeded to leave the apartment. When Genova started to question Djmal, the burglar threatened violence if he was not permitted to leave, at which point Genova began chasing the suspect.

ACLU hosts talk on police militarization

Roughly 30 Yale students, New Haven community members and residents of neighboring towns gathered in Harkness Hall for the forum organized by the ACLU’s Connecticut chapter and the ACLU Yale undergraduate chapter.

Ready to register, but first a wait

New Haven voters seeking to participate in Connecticut’s same-day registration process faced a daunting challenge late Tuesday afternoon: A line consisting of more than 130 people by 5 p.m., some of whom would likely wait for at least three hours.

DeLauro dances to easy victory

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro danced in front of her audience in the Shubert Theater after she won this year's race for Connecticut's third district representative, beating Republican challenger James Brown.

Student enrollment in Citizen’s Police Academy drops

Undergraduate interest in the Yale Police Department’s Citizens Police Academy has sunk to unusually low levels this fall.

Pedestrian killed in nearby car accident

Less than a mile away from Old Campus, a pedestrian was struck and killed in a car accident yesterday morning.

Gubernatorial candidates stake out positions on gun control

As tensions run high in the gubernatorial debates leading up to the Nov. 4 election, Connecticut residents are raising questions about the candidates’ proposals for gun control.

Local leaders push for state constitutional reform

As posters and television advertisements for candidates in this year’s gubernatorial campaign seek to sway voter opinions, some local leaders are drawing attention to other issues up for vote next week.

Jeezy concert at Toad’s weathers fight

A concert by hip-hop artist Jeezy was interrupted when a fight erupted in Toad’s Place last night at approximately 11:30 p.m.

Activists rally for improved policing

Riding on the tails of the Aug. 19 Ferguson protest on Yale’s campus, approximately 60 New Haven activists and Yalies rallied in the rain last Wednesday to protest police brutality.