A concert by hip-hop artist Jeezy was interrupted when a fight erupted in Toad’s Place last night at approximately 11:30 p.m.

When the fight broke out, crowds of people streamed out the doors of the nightclub. Soon after, several police cars and an ambulance arrived at the scene. Just 15 minutes later, however, concertgoers re-entered the building.

“It was a small fight,” said a bouncer at Toad’s who asked to remain anonymous.“A lot of people were scared, but I don’t know if there were injuries.”

As people returned inside the building, a bouncer was seen checking them with a metal detector before they entered. Though most police cars originally present at the scene left quickly, two remained at the intersection of York Street and Broadway. Officers from both the New Haven and Yale Police Departments remained stationed outside.

Attendees inside Toad’s when the fight started reported being pushed out of the building as people tried to distance themselves from the commotion.

“[The concert] is still going on, so it’s probably not too serious,” said New Haven resident Carlton Cody, who was in the nightclub at the time of the fight.

Toad’s Place nightclub has been in New Haven for almost 40 years and has hosted Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones and U2.