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Yale students launch “Uber for tour guides”

In 2015, Uber launched UberKittens, an initiative that allowed customers to order an Uber and pay $30 for 15 minutes of snuggling, in an effort […]

TURNER: Nietzsche and niche

Many know Phelps Gate as the entrance to Old Campus. But I know it as home to the Classics Department. Walk into the archway, enter […]

Yale researchers compile largest data set for forams

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob Squarepants! And his evil nemesis Sheldon J. Plankton. Cartoon Network aside, Yale researchers recently constructed the […]

TURNER: Any new news?

Every night when I come home, I sit down with my mother. She always asks me, “Any new news?” I always respond that all news […]