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Directed Studies drop rate decreases

Only about 14 percent of first years who took Directed Studies in the fall semester withdrew from the spring semester portion of the class — […]

Yalies win Federal Reserve competition

A team of five Yale undergraduates won first place at the Federal Reserve’s 15th College Fed Challenge last week. The annual challenge, which takes place […]

Former Fed Chair discusses internal review, diversity

On Monday, around 100 members of the Yale community gathered in the Edward P. Evans Hall to listen to former chair of the Federal Reserve […]

TURNER: Let’s be honest

Students across college campuses talk a lot about free speech, often in the context of expounding potentially unpopular opinions. Is there free speech at Yale? […]

Sikh Student Association showcases their religion

As a steady flow of students passed through Cross Campus, the Sikh Student Association handed out brochures and samosas — not for donations or signatures […]

Artist Profile: Henry Shapard ‘20

Henry Shapard ’20 wears many musical hats at Yale. He holds the positions of principal cellist and assistant conductor of the Yale Symphony Orchestra and […]

Howard Dean ’71 reflects on political career

When Howard Dean ’71 became the first governor to openly support gay marriage in 2000, he needed “a bullet proof vest” to brace the repercussions […]

TURNER: A force for good

The fallout from Brett Kavanaugh’s ’87 LAW ’90 Supreme Court confirmation process has shone a spotlight on his alma mater, Georgetown Preparatory School, a Catholic […]

UPenn Professor talks Russian hackers

On Wednesday, around 40 members of the Yale community gathered in the Whitney Humanities Center to watch  Kathleen Jamieson, a professor in the Annenberg School […]

TURNER: On honor

“A cadet will not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do.” West Point’s Honor Code is brief but resolute. Any cadet who violates […]

TURNER: Research is resiliency

A famous Japanese proverb prescribes, “Fall seven times, get up eight.” What empowers us to get up the eight time? Grit, says University of Pennsylvania […]