Raymond Carlson
Record number of students sign up for Bulldog Days

A record 1,185 admitted students registered to attend Bulldog Days this year, Dean of Admissions Jeff Brenzel said today. It is not exactly an unparalleled […]

Yale offers LGBT outreach

For the second year in a row, the University is attending targeted college fairs to reach out to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students­. This […]

Briefly: Sedgwick GRD ’75, leader in the field of LGBT studies, dies at 58

Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick GRD ’75, a founder of queer theory and prominent literary critic, died on Sunday at age 58. Sedgwick was known for her […]

SCENE COVER | Beyond one in four

In the 1972 edition of Yale’s yearbook, articles were divided into categories beginning with letters. The first topic for letter G: Gay Lib. In a […]

Regular-decision acceptance rate rises

While Yale’s overall acceptance rate hit a record-low this admissions season, for applicants in the regular decision pool, getting into Yale was slightly easier than […]

More 2013 applicants request financial aid

For months before the Tuesday announcement of Yale’s record-low admit rate, colleges counselors repeated a single chorus in interviews: Dire economic conditions and Yale’s new […]

Briefly: Stanford and Cornell universities set record-low admit rates

Stanford University announced Wednesday that it had admitted 7.6 percent of applicants to the class of 2013, a figure that includes students from both the […]

Yale admits record-low 7.5 percent

Yale College admitted a record-low 7.5 percent of applicants this year, a 0.8 percentage point drop from last year’s initial acceptance rate of 8.3 percent. […]

Double take: Univ. offers fewer waitlist spots

Invitations to join Yale’s waitlist for the class of 2013 were harder to come by this year. Yale offered positions on its waitlist to 769 […]

Univ. bashes loan plan

The Obama administration’s recent education budget proposal intends to make college an affordable reality for American students. But Director of Student Financial Services Caesar Storlazzi […]

Admit rate falls to record-low 7.5 percent

Yale College saw a record-low acceptance rate of 7.5 percent this year, a 0.8 percentage point drop from last year’s initial acceptance rate of 8.3 […]