Raymond Carlson
Gallery exhibits postwar printmaking art

The fanciful lines and vibrant colors that characterized American postwar printmaking flowed out of a period of darkness. “The Pull of Experiment: Postwar American Printmaking,” […]

UP CLOSE | Admissions: How low can Yale go?

When Sarah Beyreis ’85 GRD ’94 applied to Yale College, she faced the toughest odds of admission in the University’s history. Beyreis was one of […]

‘An idealistic young woman’

She was upbeat, friendly, always armed with a smile. Since going missing Tuesday afternoon, Annie Le GRD ’13 has been sorely missed by all who […]

QuestBridge entices low-income applicants to Yale

Rebekah Stewart ’13 might not have even gone to college if it weren’t for the QuestBridge program. As a high school senior in the small […]

Admissions Office cuts travel

As the admissions office begins to recruit the class of 2014 this fall, it will be working within the confines of a significantly smaller budget. […]

In slow economy, UCS promotes workshops

After Undergraduate Career Services struggled to attract seniors for its special programming last spring, the organization is taking a new approach to helping seniors find […]

British Bulldogs is back

Yale’s oldest and most popular international Bulldogs internship program will return in full this upcoming summer, UCS Director Phil Jones says. New immigration legislation in […]

Meet the freshmen

Yale’s 1,307 incoming freshmen have not only surmounted the toughest odds in the College’s admissions history, but together, they also represent one of the most […]

In college admissions, green has an allure

When applicants considering Yale weigh factors in their admissions decision, they typically turn to aesthetics, academics or extracurricular offerings. But a new factor has begun […]

Briefly: Yale to accept third English proficiency exam

Beginning this fall, Yale will now accept a third exam for students to demonstrate English language proficiency. The exam, Pearson’s Test of English Academic, is […]

Eli quarantined in luxury hotel

For Yalies traveling abroad this summer, the danger of H1N1 swine flu virus was little more than an afterthought. But for Dung La ’11, the […]