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Humans of New Haven: Lifelong friends serving up cappuccinos, mochas out of a bus

Owned by two seasoned coffee experts, the Jitter Bus celebrates the simplicity of classic beverages while embracing the dynamics of current culture.

Culturally responsive pedagogy: supporting the individual in the era of COVID-19

New Haven Public Schools have increased support of culturally responsive pedagogy, focusing on individual student needs amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The World of the Romantic Comedy

Danny is a charming, successful plastic surgeon with one goal: get girls. But, once he meets the beautiful 23-year-old Palmer, everything changes. Determined to be […]

Orlando Yarborough III and Abie Benitez take seats on New Haven Board of Education

With the recent expiration of Tamaiko Jackson-McArthur and Larry Conaway’s BOE terms, two new members with diverse perspectives and experiences take their seats on the board.

My Obsession with Reality TV

Over winter break, I developed a concerning obsession with reality TV.  Perhaps “developed” is the wrong word. My obsession with reality TV is most certainly […]

Finding forever

We sit on the sofa, our fingers shiny and sticky, coated in butter from our now-eaten popcorn. It’s just past 2 a.m. on a Monday […]

Mom, Dad, I Hope You Approve

For my first Halloween, I dressed up as a ladybug. Or, rather, my parents dressed me up as a ladybug. I suppose I had no […]

Good-boy cologne

He wears good-boy cologne. The type that reminds me of sweet tulips and red berries and honey. The type that my mom would like and […]

How I Bumped a Yale Professor’s Car

To the professor whose car I bumped this summer:  I apologize, deeply and sincerely. As you probably know, your car was beautiful, and I hope […]

Cecilia Lee
The Truth About Love at Yale

  If you are reading this, I suppose you’ve already spent hours daydreaming about finding love at Yale. How’d I know? Well, I was a […]

Anasthasia Shilov
Welcome to the World of Two Times Speed

His words are rushed, his phrases slurred, his lips moving rapidly as if he’s almost out of breath. He flips to the next slide, and […]