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The Truth About Love at Yale

  If you are reading this, I suppose you’ve already spent hours daydreaming about finding love at Yale. How’d I know? Well, I was a […]

Anasthasia Shilov
Welcome to the World of Two Times Speed

His words are rushed, his phrases slurred, his lips moving rapidly as if he’s almost out of breath. He flips to the next slide, and […]

It’s Complicated

I’m lying flat on my back on our living room floor. The lights are off and the room is dark. Apparently I’ve been killed, but […]

On Friday Nights

It’s crowded. The room is full of people — sweaty, smelly human bodies brushing against each other and knocking into one another, mumbling rushed apologies […]

Love Like an Ice Cream Sandwich

I would like to preface this article by saying that if you have somehow managed to find yourself in a serious, committed relationship: congratulations. You […]

Being (Considerably) Less Than Perfect at Yale

He asks if I’ve finished the week’s problem set. I laugh. No. I don’t elaborate.  We eat our last two slices of barbecue chicken pizza, […]