Patrick Huguenin
Color Bind

It’s 12:45 p.m. on an average Tuesday, and lunch is in full swing at Commons Dining Hall. “There’s usually two or three black tables,” says […]

Gentlemen Songsters

The cold sweat started on Sunday night. The sweat of fear. The stars glimmered over the Davenport courtyard. A cozy glow filtered from the windows […]

The Yale Tour

It started with a whisper from Mario. “There’s someone in our shower … and I don’t know who it is.” Of the guys who shared […]

Bits & Pieces: Do-it-yourself secret society hazing, a beginner’s guide

So you didn’t get tapped. You didn’t even get interviewed. You’re not going to be the next member of Skull and Bones, but you don’t […]

How can this wine be so bad? Experts unveil the mystery

The vintage is a Lost Vineyards red. I lift the glass to my nose and inhale deeply. The bouquet is questionable, but I’m not going […]

The Quest for the Perfect Fake ID

The fake ID. It’s flimsy, it’s fake and you want one. And you’ll do just about anything to get one. The quest for the perfect […]

From Gutter to Gala

A new year is upon us and with it the expectation of self-improvement. Another three semesters and I’ll be out on my own, expected to […]