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The Secrets & Sentiments of Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin sailed the ocean blue … Shoot, that’s not it. Benjamin Franklin never told a lie … No, no, that’s not it either. So […]

Some things never change, and a lot of things do.

This year, about half of the extended family that we usually spend Thanksgiving with fled to Mexico. Well, to put it differently, they sort of […]

Abolish mosquitoes

I have had enough. I have had enough of itchy arms and legs. Enough of a pimple shaped bump on my face that isn’t actually […]

Double Majoring: Seductive Yet Destructive

I tend to be a person of few strong opinions, but when it comes to questions pertaining to “doubles”, I lean more towards assertiveness. Dingle? […]

Halloween on a Budget

Excited for Halloween but barely have one costume, let alone a whole Halloweek’s worth? Trying to impress your crush but out of cash? Is Spirit […]