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Kemper: Neglecting the past we’ve built

There is something uniquely unfortunate about ugly buildings. Ugly art can be avoided, ugly sculptures can be provocative, and ugly music can be turned off, […]

Kemper: Beware off-campus fiefdoms

De Gaulle once said the only constant of history is geography. The same can be said for a community’s physical trappings. The spaces, rooms, and […]

Kemper: Remember, remember the facts of reform

The fifth of November came five days late to London this year. There were no 36 barrels of gunpowder involved, but the 50,000 students who […]

Kemper: Give us more stop signs

Noah Kazis ’10 wrote a column last week (“The Yale seat, for the city,” March 25) urging the Ward 1 alderman to focus on the […]

Kemper: For pirates and I-bankers, sinking inevitable

What do Somali pirates and American investment bankers have in common? (Hint: It’s not lipstick.) This coming week, America and the world will grapple with […]

Locals apathetic toward civil reforms

No New Haven residents attended a forum to discuss civil service reform Wednesday night, despite the city’s emphasis on the importance of the regulations. The […]