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KEMPER: A $150 million commute

The experience of Yale’s campus — alternating courtyards, small and large, the very essence of its collegiate architecture — remains off limits to all graduate commuters.

9/11 Reflections: Nicolas Kemper

When I first saw the smoke billowing from the tower I was disappointed. I was in seventh grade, gorging on American history, and had arrived […]

Kemper: What we take with us

I have a hard time letting go of things. A quick look around my room seems to prove as much: the three foot stack of […]

Kemper: The rise of junior societies

‘CANDIDATE. TRANSLATE!” The charge booms out in Latin to a hapless sophomore huddled on the ground. A brazier of burning coals dominates his blurred vision. […]

Kemper: Stepping up to the plate

The Department of Education is investigating our university “for its failure to eliminate a hostile sexual environment on campus.” A girl got robbed by three […]

Kemper: Overcoming our FOOT fetish

This week FOOT will reject over a hundred freshmen. They join good company. If leading a successful outdoors trip is a function of capacity to […]

Kemper: Revisiting content and color

On Friday I wrote a column (“Content over color,” Feb. 18) that was arrogant, insensitive and offensive. I drew straight lines through a nuanced issue, […]

Kemper: Content over color

On Jan. 23 and Jan. 31 I received e-mails with the following provocative question in 27 point bold underlined Arial font: “What are your feelings […]

Kemper: Saying goodbye to Redwall

I will always have an enduring affection for shrews, otters and badgers. Shrews are funky, capable and good-hearted — unless you cross Log-a-log. The sea […]

Kemper: Mubarak must go

The poetical trappings of the revolution in downtown Cairo are the meat and potatoes of great literature. It evinces Chekhov’s rule: If, in the first […]

Kemper: A nation in revolt

Two blocks from my Arabic tutor’s apartment in downtown Cairo stands a building the size of a city block. Its ominous black walls make little […]