Molly Worthen
Senior Perspective: Molly Worthen

It was a quarter to midnight on a weekday in early April, and all I wanted to do was purchase one last bag of pizza […]

Chic haircuts, minty teeth: Ah, the comforts of home

I spent this winter break like I spend every other — lying on the couch watching the MTV “Cribs” marathon, occasionally going over to a […]

Done laundry lately? Didn’t think so

  Everyone got the freshman year Mom Laundry Lecture: “Don’t mix whites with colors. Remember that red sweater Aunt Carol gave you will bleed all […]

Braving office hours like a good student

Before my English professor launched into his lecture on the first day of class last September, he stepped back from the podium and said, “Look, […]

They’re our parents, and we’re still their kids

There is something to be said for being a Parents’ Weekend orphan. If you linger in the common room around suppertime and make a point […]

Dubya: take some hints from a cappella

The time for diplomatic finesse is over. Now they must act in one swift movement. No matter the rhetoric of their opponents, they will move […]

The truth about seminars and your classmates

By this point in the semester, there are two kinds of students at Yale. There are those whose intellectual primacy has been affirmed. At mealtime, […]

What I learned at my summer job: reality bites

Life in the post-Yale working world is like a petri dish full of deadly microbes. It’s interesting to look at for brief amounts of time […]

Reciting Pushkin at the annual Slavic Talent Slam

Yale foreign language departments know how to have fun. The Spanish students have Cinco de Mayo. I hear the German department screens movies every week […]

Stop the madness! I just want a single, and a fireplace

Anyone who happened to stroll past the Jonathan Edwards College library last Tuesday night might have wondered at the anxious muffled chatter wafting out into […]

A glimpse into the trying life of a post-Yale Yalie

I initially applied for a spring break externship because the AYA propaganda appealed to my post-graduation anxieties. Where the brochure promised “an interesting and valuable […]