Molly Worthen
High time students turn Valentine’s Day around

According to the History Channel’s Web site, Valentine’s Day evolved out of the Roman festival Lupercalia, held during the ides of February. The festival began […]

Yalies have no common sense, but that’s okay

Yesterday, many of us read the article in the Yale Daily News about Brian Tippy ’02 (“Tippy ’02 sent to drug classes,” 1/28), the Yalie […]

Frontal nudity and basic drawing class emblematic of life at Yale

When I took “Basic Drawing” freshman year — my first and last foray into art at Yale — I found it to be like every […]

Gay and religious: a tough union for some

Evan Leatherwood ’02 will not call himself a Christian — because he is gay. He didn’t always feel this way. When Leatherwood first came to […]

CT Limo’s wild, wonderful ride from Phelps to Bradley

According to Yahoo, Yale University is exactly 51.9 miles from Bradley International Airport. Even if we assume a geriatric highway speed of 50 miles per […]

Rumpus stung by $10,000 libel suit settlement

For Yale campus tabloid Rumpus, free speech and boundless mockery just got a bit more expensive. $10,000 more expensive. This past spring, a libel case […]

‘Liquor treats’ no match for costumes, sugar highs

I intended to be “productive” this past weekend. But Saturday morning I walked past the shelves outside Gourmet Heaven and spotted those $7 pumpkin-shaped squash. […]

Dancing around my still incomplete education

Late autumn at Yale brings more than midterms and cardboard pumpkin cutouts. These upcoming weekends promise screw-your-roommate dances, followed by holiday balls, and soon the […]

Yale graduate turned hero firefighter

As a child, Phillip McKee ’94 was a “classic bookworm” who hated to sweat. “His idea of sports was to start a bowling league at […]

Pee-wee wishes and playbook dreams

My father is a pee-wee football coach, and this month he is deep in the throes of the Glen Ellyn Golden Eagles’ football season. When […]

Journal casts for Yale anglers

Tess Wheelwright ’05 never thought she’d be standing in front of Sterling Memorial Library holding a fly-fishing reel while a guy in waders instructed her. […]