Michael Magdzik
MAGDZIK: The debts we carry

Great fortune should never be taken for granted, because as comforting as narratives that laud the role of our own willpower and effort are, they are false and self-serving. Much of our achievement in life was pre-determined long ago by factors outside our control, and it is important to acknowledge that.

MAGDZIK: Hero no more

Straight and gay people alike need to work to reinject meaning into the oaths we take in marriage, because those oaths are reflective of our national character. When this institution fails, so will we, and so we all need to adopt a zero-tolerance policy on infidelity, no matter the stature of the leader committing adultery.

MAGDZIK: Why I don’t vote

I watch all of the debates. I allow myself to be drawn into long back-and-forth conversations on Facebook and in the dining hall. I write […]

MAGDIZK: Cheap talk at a high price

“It’s just rhetoric, you know?” I was sitting in an interview the other morning, making small talk about the vice presidential debate, when this familiar […]

MAGDZIK: Challenge friends, change behavior

In mid-September, the New York City Board of Health approved the Bloomberg administration’s controversial ban on large sodas and sugary drinks. Four days later, Master […]

MAGDZIK: Time to wake up for school

Sixty percent is a failing grade. Sixty percent is also where the high school graduation rate for Chicago Public Schools hovers. It’s a shame when […]

MAGDZIK: Assume the best of strangers

When you first came to tour Yale, your guide probably emphasized just how safe you would be in this place. With a private police force, […]

MAGDZIK: Twice bitten, finally shy

George Santayana’s observation that “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” is one of the most hackneyed phrases in all of […]

DoD chief attorney plugs public service

The top lawyer at the Department of Defense encouraged law students to enter public service on Wednesday in front of a crowd of over 100 […]

MAGDZIK: Integrate grad students

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” was not written about graduate students, but it may as well have […]

Panel split on porn

Diverse feminist views collided Saturday in a panel discussion about the ethics of pornography. Three feminists from a range of professions spoke about the industry […]