Michael Magdzik
Activist pushes investing transparency

Martin Bourqui, a young activist for responsible investing, suggested Friday that the Yale Investments Office needs to manage the University’s $19.4 billion endowment in more […]

MAGDZIK: Scrutinize private lives

Last Thursday’s Republican debate featured a prime instance of one of the most pernicious movements in modern American politics — the attempt to divorce the […]

MAGDZIK: A specious case for science

As my sixth shopping period experience winds to a close, I want to give some attention to perhaps one of the most despised components of […]

MAGDZIK: Advent of the machines

As we move into the primaries stage of the 2012 campaign season, every politically conscious American is being bombarded with a constant stream of flashy […]

MAGDZIK: Serving the world at home

The contentious and highly publicized race for Ward 1 alderman in New Haven has doubtless inspired some amount of thought on the part of many […]

MAGDZIK: Finish the job in Libya

On June 4, 2009, President Barack Obama gave a historic speech in Cairo, directed towards the Muslim world at a time when difficult realities of […]

MAGDZIK: Throwing out the banks with the bath water

A week ago, I was slightly concerned about the Occupy Wall Street movement. I thought some of its points about inequality were well taken, if […]

MAGDZIK: Incentives for artichokes

Marina Keegan’s recent article (“Even Artichokes Have Doubts,” Sept. 30) explored why a solid fourth of Yale’s graduating class goes into finance and consulting instead […]