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On Being the Main Character

“When I sit in the Silliman library alone like this, I really feel like I have main character energy.  Like I could be the female […]

When the World Resumes Turning

COVID has isolated us from one another in innumerable ways. These days, I feel like most of my day-to-day interactions are parasocial exchanges on platforms […]

Getting to the Root of Identity

Over the course of the last two years, I’ve gone through more hairstyles than I can count on one hand. Starting off 2020 with manic-pixie-dream-girlish […]

Mel’s COVID-19 Report on Social Media

Like many of us, I’ve spent a good deal of the last year living online.  In fact, I’ve spent so much time on Zoom that […]

Courtship, Class and Consent: A Review of Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’

Contains spoilers for the first season of “Bridgerton.” Over winter break, as screen time increasingly filled my days, “Bridgerton” appeared on my radar, and I […]

HalloWKND 2020: A Reflection

As an international student on campus for the fall semester, I came to Yale highly excited to celebrate the mythical, almost cultish commercial holiday that […]

The Return of PEN15: Reaching New Depths

Spoilers up to S2E7 of PEN15 follow. As expected following the success of its 2019 debut, “PEN15” didn’t fail to deliver with a depressingly and […]

The Quandaries of Quarantine Cuffing Season

Let me preface this article by saying that I wasn’t looking for Love in the Time of Corona. In fact, I was trying to avoid […]