Maria Korolik
Staff Reporter
Maria Korolik is a staff reporter for the SciTech desk, covering STEM advancements, expansions and policy changes. Originally from San Jose, California, she is a sophomore in Jonathan Edwards college majoring in mechanical engineering and astrophysics.
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Yale graduate students receive prestigious international STEM fellowship

Three graduate students have received the Quad Fellowship to build ties among the next generation of scientists and technologists.

Yale E&EB graduate student awarded NASA grant

Along with collaborators, Diego Ellis Soto studies the effects of extreme events on wildlife.

NASA’s Artemis I mission launches to go to the moon

Artemis I is the first in a series of missions to bring humans back to the moon, and eventually to Mars.

Morse dining hall adorned with 9-foot neon axe

Jacob Eldred ’24, who created the Hopper dining hall’s trident, has now installed a neon sculpture of the Morse College’s coat of arms above the entrance to the dining hall.

A brief guide to undergraduate STEM research at Yale

Everything you need to know about finding and thriving in a research lab both in and out of Yale.

Amoriem Labs develops interactive and Yale-based video games

The undergraduate game development club is currently working on two new games.

Yale observatory hosts viewing of brightest Jupiter in six decades

The Leitner Family Observatory and Planetarium opened its doors to the public to watch Jupiter at its brightest point in the past 59 years.

New Cortex magazine debuts to bridge science and the arts

Yale’s newest magazine published its first issue in August, focusing on concepts of space and time with scientifically-themed creative writing.

Fernandez de la Mora receives Fuchs Memorial Award for aerosol research

Electrospray — a burgeoning area of study in aerosol sciences — could be used for aerospace propulsion, ionizing particles for further research and a wide […]

Yale researchers unravel cosmic mysteries by discovering primordial black holes

Researchers discovered early black holes which could explain the gaps in myriad current theories about the formation of the universe.

Yale’s residential college gyms reopen

As in-person learning begins, residential colleges have opened their gyms for student use.