Maria Korolik
Staff Reporter
Maria Korolik is a staff reporter for the SciTech desk, covering astronomy, engineering, and computer science. Originally from San Jose, California, she is a sophomore in Jonathan Edwards college majoring in mechanical engineering and astrophysics.
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Fernandez de la Mora receives Fuchs Memorial Award for aerosol research

Electrospray — a burgeoning area of study in aerosol sciences — could be used for aerospace propulsion, ionizing particles for further research and a wide […]

Yale researchers unravel cosmic mysteries by discovering primordial black holes

Researchers discovered early black holes which could explain the gaps in myriad current theories about the formation of the universe.

Yale’s residential college gyms reopen

As in-person learning begins, residential colleges have opened their gyms for student use.

Board of Alders committee makes multiple city appointments

During its monthly meeting on Monday, the Aldermanic Affairs Committee confirmed 11 new appointments to various city commissions.

Elicker says more than 64 percent of eligible residents fully vaccinated

The city has partnered with several community outreach organizations to promote education about the vaccine and provide access to all residents of New Haven. The vaccination rates are increasing, but there are still many hesitant residents.

A view of the Elm City from above.