I am obsessed with ghost stories — trickles of the unknown, in whispers, against the skin of your ear as you walk through Cross Campus […]

An Ode Para Mi Mamá

“Rosi, you have to wash your armpits or else you are going to stink,” my mom said, raising my arms over my head and grumbling to herself in the pungent, humid air of the Disney World public bathroom. 

Snow much fun: go-to plans for a weekend night in

Out my window, snow is falling magnificently onto the ground. I watch children laughing and singing jolly little hymns and students chucking snowballs at each other fast enough to make club baseball tryouts. Dogs are striding down Broadway with their chic paw mittens à la mode. Oh, what joy to be alive on a cold winter’s day!

Holy Guacamole: How I Rizzed Up a Priest

The ticking of the clock beats alongside the rhythmic scrapes and brushes of chalk against chalkboard, drooping eyelids and weighted pulses like mercury dripping down […]

Maria Arozamena
Learning to let go

Stuck in traffic, I watch the cold rain brush against the windowpane’s surface; a drip leaves its misty blush on the glass barrier that separates […]

Maria Arozamena